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About Us

Fremantle Freight and Storage (FFS) is a West Australian family owned company with 5 locations across Perth. The company head office is located in O’Connor which is only 5 kilometres away from the Fremantle Port and shipping terminals.

The company was established in 2000 and was purchased by Gerhard and Isabel Liebenberg in 2009. The company has since grown and expanded to offer a complete transport solution to service the freight and logistics industry.

Gerhard has more than 25 years’ experience in the transport and logistics sector. He realised that if FFS was going to be a real player in the industry, he needed to adapt and provide a complete turnkey solution for the ever-changing transport industry.

FFS now offers a variety of services in addition to container cartage, such as:

• Storage and delivery of LCL

• Fumigation

• AQIS inspections

• Cold room storage to maintain the cold chain (for fruit and vegetables)


Since these services have been added to our core capabilities, FFS is currently rated as one of the top five container freight and logistics companies in WA.


Because FFS can offer many diverse services to its clients, we effectively remove the need for clients to approach multiple entities in order to reach their transport goal.


In short FFS can do it all and the client needs only one point of contact instead of many. This simplifies the freight and logistics process and makes it more comfortable and convenient for you our client.

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