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  • 40 trucks (prime movers)

  • 22 container side loaders, various 22-34 pallet taut liners, and a large container skeleton trailer fleet

  • 20 ft and 40 ft container skeleton tip trailers that handle bulk loading and unloading

  • Large fleet of forklifts ranging from 2.5 to 32 ton as well as five 45ton reach-stackers

  • Substantial amount of 40FT and 20 FT containers for rent

  • Various rotary valve pump trailers servicing sea bulk container clients with PVC/HDPE products and the food grade industry

  • 2 stationary rotary valve pumps set up on 3PL sites

  • All the necessary equipment to provide to the client’s needs including front end loader, debagger, hopper and conveyor

Equipment: Corporate Accounts
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